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Melvina Selfani


Elite Centurion, Century 21 Award

For over 22 years Melvina has been making the home selling process quick, easy, and most importantly, profitable for thousands of homeowners throughout the San Diego area. Her reputation within the industry as a “Power Negotiator” with an award-winning sales record, and commitment to customer satisfaction are just a few of the reasons Century 21 Award is proud to include Melvina as a member of their “Elite Centurion” classification and the “Centurion Honor Society”. These statuses are accomplished by fewer than 1 percent of their agents!


Averaging over $40 million dollars annually in real estate sales - 45 fold the national average of licensed realtors - Melvina has soared within the real estate marketplace since initially launching her career. By aligning herself with Century 21 - America's most recognized brand in real estate - Melvina has steadily risen to become one of Southern Californa's most highly regarded and sought after real estate professionals. 



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